delivering high quality products on a just in time basis

Quality is paramount to the overall function of each component at Spring Design & Manufacturing. We are certified to IATF 16949:2016 quality operating system and this supplements our consistency in delivering high quality, on time products to our customers.

Our in-house testing equipment allows us to rapidly analyze design and functionality early in the development / prototype process. Coupled with this, we are able to perform life cycle testing and PPAP certification testing.

We offer the latest in CNC equipment to assure the best possible accuracy and repeatability available. Probes and sensors allow us to monitor these key attributes for accuracy and control. Each machine is consistently set up to proper part parameters and routinely re-checked by quality operators to well established standards.

ASN’s are provided in advance to many of our customers that require this documentation. This allows for a continuous improvement in our delivery of high quality, just in time products and assemblies.

Spring Design & Manufacturing is committed to our continuous improvement in all areas, resulting in better service to our customers.